Wire EDM

Wire EDM

What is it?

Wire-cut is a newer EDM technology made possible by the powerful computers of today. The systems work by passing a thin brass wire through the workpiece. The wire uses a controlled electrical arc to burn a tiny (0.014" wide) slot in the material according to the part's program. A nonconductive dielectric fluid is used to cool the workpiece and wire and flush away vaporized metal particles. Oil or deionized water can be used. Clinton currently has 4 wire machines and they all use water.

Clinton Industries uses two variants on the basic setup. The first passes water through jets in the wire guides to cool the cutting area. The second adds a tank so that the entire workpiece is submerged. The latter can cut almost twice as fast as the non-submerged machine.

What can it do?

Our wire EDM machines are capable of 5-axis machining. They can cut parts with tapers, drafts, and angles. Skim cutting allows us to produce better surface finishes and higher accuracy. Several parts can be machined in one cut by stacking flat stock together. Workpiece thickness of up to 10" (254 mm) can be accommodated for submerged machining, and up to 18" for non-submerged machining.

Is it for me?

Wire EDM is used on many projects because of its ability to quickly and accurately cut profiles, outlines, and holes. Another use is slicing parts or making incisions with minimal material loss. If you have any such requirements, wire EDM is probably a solution you should consider.


1What materials can the wire EDM process cut?
Any material that will conduct electricity can be cut with wire EDM.
2What is the largest part you can cut?
Our Mitsubishi 300HA (non submerged) machine travel is 19.68 x 39.37 inches. Our Mitsubishi MV2400S machine travel is 15.7 x 23.6 inches.
3What is the normal inside radius from wire EDM?
Our normal inside corner radius would be .006 to .0065 cutting with a .010 wire.
4What kind of accuracy can you hold?
Tolerances of +/- .0002 are common. In extreme cases we can hold tolerances of up to +/- .00005 with multiple finish passes.


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