Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding

What is it?

Surface grinding uses hard abrasive wheels to remove material in very small steps. It produces an extremely uniform and precise surface with an excellent finish.

Surface grinding can be done in many different ways, the two most common are flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. Clinton Industries does both of these in our own facility. The processes are used to grind flat surfaces, and the outside of cylindrical or conical shapes, respectively.

What can it do?

Grinding is often used in preparation for CNC or EDM work, because the accuracy of those machines depends upon a clean precise surface with which to indicate the position of the workpiece. Grinding can and is often used on hard or heat-treated materials to remove warpage due to stresses in the material.

Is it for me?

If dimensional accuracy and uniformity are important factors in your project, or if the materials are hard or heat-treated, then grinding capability is a definite must.


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