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At Clinton Industries, we use several manufacturing technologies to provide the most possible capabilities to our customers. Here we have created an area highlighting the major technologies and providing information about each one. You can use this as a guide to help you decide what is right for your particular manufacturing task. We encourage you to contact us with specific requirements so we can assist you in finding the best solution, and ensure that you get the highest quality product.

Wire EDM

The ever-increasing demand for accuracy has put wire EDM technology into the category of "indispensable." Powerful computers enable wire EDM machines to precisely and automatically machine intricate parts from start to finish in hours.

CNC Machining

Chip-making technology combined with computers allows unusual or complicated designs to be milled or turned automatically. CNC machines allow for near perfect repeatability, especially important for for small- to medium-quantity production runs.

Sinker EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining is a rapidly advancing technology that can be used to perform machining tasks that are difficult, time consuming, or even impossible using standard chip-making techniques.

Surface Grinding

Combined with precision measuring equipment, surface grinding allows us to achieve close dimensional tolerances and high-quality surface finishes. We have both flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding capabilities.

Conventional Machining

Most of our work is done using conventional machines, such as vertical mills, lathes, saws, and drill presses. We also can perform other traditional metalworking tasks such as arc welding, brazing, hand grinding, and light forming.


All of our computer-operated machines would be at a great disadvantage if not for our advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Machining workstations. These systems make sophisticated automatic operations and toolpaths quick and reliable.


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