What is it?

Computer Aided Drafting and Machining are two very essential tools in any precision machine shop. All modern engineers will know the benefits of CAD technology. Built in geometry construction algorithms slash print production times, and new solids technology, including Pro-E, thinkDesign, SolidWorks, and Parasolids all allow construction of objects by use of solid object operations. Many solids CAD packages can even produce prints from the solid model automatically, including every necessary dimension and annotation.

CAM takes this one step further by outfitting a CAD package with the ability to automatically produce machine-tool paths to machine the part, and most packages can translate these paths directly into G-code, the programming language of a CNC machine. Relatively simple designs that used to take hours to program by hand can now be generated almost immediately.

What can it do?

The CAD features of our workstations are used extensively at Clinton to supplement all other forms of machining. It allows fast calculation of implied dimensions on prints and drawings. This allows the machinist to draw part prints and with a few clicks select the dimensions that he will use to machine and check the part.

CAM not only allows standard operations to be programmed such as roughing and contouring, it also can generate complex 3-, 4-, and 5-axis toolpaths that are capable of machining sophisticated mathematical curves and surfaces, all in a matter of seconds.

As another key advantage, our workstations support a number of industry standard electronic drawing formats, including IGES, AutoCAD DXF, Parasolid X_T and XMT, SolidEdge PAR, and SolidWorks SLDPRT. Electronic drawing exchange eliminates the paper hard copy and associated redrawing, which means less chance for introduction of errors or mistakes.

Is it for me?

An important aspect of CAD/CAM is its interactive qualities. Many customers often want to alter or modify existing prints, to correct design flaws when producing a replacement for a failed component, for example. CAD allows us to integrate those design modifications instantly and, if necessary, adjust other aspects of the design to accommodate them. Almost all of the advantages of CAD and CAM center around flexibility, and that is something that almost every one of our customers can take advantage of.


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